When I had met Satyamitranand with my mom

He was in silence…So gave me his views in written. Sadhak (My ma Geeta Anandi) meets Guru (Satyamitranand ji) Both are liberated souls

I personally was blessed by the saint who was keeping silence during Kumbh mela 2010 and wrote five pages article on importance of Kumbh mela and Haridwar city for my book. He had special fondness for the city of Ganga and he wrote, “This kumbh mela of Haridwar is very special because the city is situated at the foothills of  Shivalik ranges of Himalayas. It gives a mental and spiritual solace to the tiring visitors who come from the plains of the country. The grand Himalayas beacon the visitor to be steadfast in one’s resolution and achieve the heights observing supreme sensibility. Haridwar is also a storehouse of  herbal medicines. Prayag, Ujjain, Nasik lack this luster which Haridwar alone cherishes. So Hail to Ganga! Hail to Indian culture and hail to Vedic religion and Hail to the holy city Haridwar.”

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