Marma therapy works wonders

What is Marma therapy

The points in our body which are vulnerable to injuries and may lead to complications or even death are called Marmas. These points have secretive and significant energy which can be pressed to release energy. Marma therapy works wonders in treatment of diseases of nerves and brain, in traumatic neurological of neuro surgical lesions, in orthopedic lesions and in pain of nerves, muscles, ligaments and joints, to improve function of body organs, to activate deformed body parts or musculature.

Be it a weekend or a working day, patients queue up outside the house of this professor who has revolutionized the medical science. The patients of chronic nervous and muscular diseases like cerebral palsy, Hemeplegia, muscular diastrophy and paralysis find refuge in Marma chikitsa when they are refused treatment in other conventional pathies. Meet Dr. Sunil Joshi of Gurukul Kangri university who has cured thousands of patients mostly at free medical camps organised in various parts of the country and also in foreign countries like Mauritius, Japan, Thailand and Russia. Japan has recently opened three centres of Marma chikitsa after seeing the tremendous response of this Indian age old therapy.

Dr Joshi proclaims, “The marma chikitsa therapy will change the perspective of medical science.” Other therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture and chamfu, which are termed as Chinese therapies, have also evolved from the marma chikitsa itself as it was propagated by the Buddhist monks who visited China, Japan and other South Asian countries, tells Joshi.

Joshi is on a mission to cure people for the past 30 years with the world’s oldest therapy with natural herbs and healing touch in an age when medical care comes at a whopping price. The most satisfying part is that patients get relief in just a few days with this therapy.

Many practitioners of alternative medicine who had conglomerated at the Sri Yantra mandir in Kankhal in the recent four day training camp continue coming to his house for digging deep into this technique. A regular student of Bharti Vidya peeth New Delhi, who had come to learn the nuances of this chikitsa is accompanied by a 60 year old man. For the first time, he has been able to move his arm after 6 days of treatment.

Speaking to HT, this 60 year old Rakesh Kapoor of Vikaspuri New Delhi says, “My right arm and leg were paralysed since I was 6 months old, I had a reaction to immunization vaccine. I even had started getting involuntary spasms which resulted in uncontrolled movements of arm. Now after 6 days of pressing marma points, my arm has shown sensation. After learning thoroughly from here, I shall practice at home.” Making a beeline to this doctor’s house are the patients from Lucknow, Chandigarh and other parts of the country who have lost all hopes and want to move their limbs which are almost dead following some nerve injury.

Marma therapy is the only universally sustainable medical system, claims this Additional medical superintendent at government Ayurvedic college and hospital of Gurukul kangri university. This art of treatment is based on the 107 sensitive points in our body. All these points are connected with the brain and are lightly or hardly pressed to stimulate senses. It harmonises the functioning of nervous and endocrine systems to control psychological disorders. At physical level it revitalizes body tissues, at cellular level it improves vital functions like digestion, respiration, blood circulation and excretion. On spiritual level it helps in thoughts transformation.

Working as Head of Department (Surgery) and Additional Medical Superintendent at Gurukul Kangri University, he came across many patients of spinal disorders. “My efforts are always to teach the patient rather than make him dependent on my healing touch. They administer the touch themselves under the direction of a doctor. It is not only easy, but also pocket friendly treatment. In some diseases, patients are given ayurvedic medicines as a supplement at nominal costs.”


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