Shanti mantra explained by Sw, Anukoolananda

Mantra : Oṁ Saha nāvavatu,

When I had met Satyamitranand with my mom

He was in silence…So gave

International Yoga Day comes calling

International Yoga Day 2019

International Yoga Day 2019

Yog Guru Swami Ramdev announced

Sacred thread ceremony of students

On the concluding day of

Marma therapy works wonders

What is Marma therapy The

Usefulness of Gayatri Mantra

Holistic yoga can help reduce


Scholar of extraordinary insight, Dr. Radhika Nagrath has dedicated her life as an advocator of ‘Indianness’ through keynote addresses and writings. She explored the Indianness of the Indian writer in English, Swami Vivekananda, his intense awareness of entire culture of India, through her book titled, ‘The known philosopher the unknown poet’. ‘Shanti ki talash mein […]

At the holy feet of Sw.Dayatmananda in Oxford, U.K

I Share My Roti with patients in RKMission Hospital, Haridwar(ISMR)

   *1. P.N Bhatt* rec no. C/9304 dt 9 Oct 2018. P. N. Bhatt. is Plant Head of SBL Homoeopathy Ltd Haridwar *2. Sanjay Chaturvedi* rec. No. C/9319 dtd 10 Oct 2018. Sanjay chaturvedi heads Divya Prem Sewa Mission *3. Ranjan sehgal* rec no. C9330 dtd. 12 Oct 2018. CA Ranjan Sehgal is senior tax consultant in Jalandhar.*4. Meera kaintura* rcc no. 10215 dtd 13 Oct. 2018. Meera Kaintura is disaster management officer Haridwar. *5. Ratnesh singh* rec. No. 10212 dtd 9 oct.2018 *6. Rajeev Bhatnagar* 15 Dec 2018 amt 8000 rec no....... Rajeev Bhatnagar is former GM PR BHEL & entrepreneur *7. Ambica Wadhwa* Dixit dtd 2 Dec 2018 rcc No. 10248. Ambica Wadhwa Dixit is Software test coach in international bank New Zealand *8. Dr. S K Batra* dtd 28 dec recpt no. C/ 9526. Dr. S.K Batra is Principal SMJN PG College.*9. Adv Naresh Babbar* dtd 10 jan 2019 recpt no. C/ 9541. Advocate Naresh Babbar is senior lawyer and tax consultant in Haridwar *10. Dr. Anil Parti* dtd 23 Jan 2019 rec No. 10273. Dr. Anil Parti is Professor of economics in Chandigarh. *11. Dr. Anil Parti* dtd 24 jan 2019 rec no. 10274. *12. Hetal Bhikhu Bhai Patel* dtd 16 Feb 2019 recpt no. C/ 9608. Hetal Bhikhu Bhai Patel is an industrialist. *13.Prof. Dr. V. K Agnihotri* dtd 18 feb 2019 receipt no. C 9610 Dr. V. K. Agnihotri is senior Ayurvedic consultant and Acad. advisor WAIM *14. Arun Raghav* dtd 26 feb 2019 receipt no c/ 9627 Arun Raghav is VP HR Luminous group. *15. Kavita Goyal* dtd. 28 March 2019 receipt no. 9749 . Kavita Goyal is Delhi-based Homemaker *16. Arun Thekkedath* 7 April 2019 receipt no. C /9791 Arun Tekedetth is vice president in Ayurvedic manufacturing company in SIIDCUL *17. Dr. Sonal Sharma* dtd. 2 May 2019 receipt no C/ 9880. Dr Sonal Sharma is Education consultant, running Kidzee preschool in Haridwar and kindercubs preschool in New Delhi. *18. Sushil Kumar Goenka* dtd. 5 May 2019 receipt no. C/ 10330 Sushil Kumar Goenka, Managing Director Emami, Kolkata *19. Arun Saraswat* dtd. 7 May 2019 receipt no. C/ 9888. Arun Saraswat is Entrepreneur and President SIDCUL Industrial Association *20. Aloke Saraswat* dtd. 7 May 2019 receipt no. C / 9889. Aloke Saraswat is Director Kanj Products Pvt. Ltd. *21. Sarbjeet Banwait* dtd. 29 May 2019 receipt no. 10346. Sarbjeet Banwait is Security Manager at Global Pharmaceuticals in United Kingdom. 22. P.N.Bhatt dtd. 5 June 2019 receipt no. C/ 9971 P.N Bhatt is Plant head of SBL Homoeopathy Ltd. SIIDCUL Haridwar